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Different sizes of semiconductor nanocrystals help produce color light-emitting diodes

Time: 2019.08.05 Source: Jiangsu Symbory Science & Technology Co.,LtdPageviews: Loading...

  An international research team reported in the journal Science Progress in the United States that they have invented a simple and economical new way to fabricate semiconductor nanocrystals of different sizes as needed, helping to realize the industrialization of next-generation color light-emitting diodes. produce. Researchers at institutions such as the University of Munich in Germany have found that semiconductors used in light-emitting diodes change the size of semiconductor crystals at the nanometer scale, allowing them to emit light of different colors, ranging from blue to red. High color purity.

  Researchers have developed a way to produce semiconductor crystals by size using inexpensive low-cost perovskite materials. The core is a film mold with a thickness of only a few nanometers. It consists of a nanoporous material containing silicon and alumina. A large number of micropores can act as chemical reaction vessels, and the raw material solution reacts in the micropores to form perovskite nanometers. Crystal.

  Experiments have shown that the size of the micropores on the film mold directly affects the size of the nanocrystals, thus determining the color of the luminescence. The nanocrystals produced by this method are very stable, enabling the LED to achieve high color fidelity.

  Researchers say they will further increase the productivity of the method and expand the range of applications, such as the production of flexible color displays.