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Amorphous iron core began to be adopted by transformer manufacturers

Time: 2019.08.05 Source: Jiangsu Symbory Science & Technology Co.,LtdPageviews: Loading...

  The traditional iron core manufacturing technology of power transformers is based on silicon steel sheet. In reducing the damage of the transformer itself, no matter what country or manufacturer, it is necessary to use high-quality silicon steel sheet to reduce the damage of the transformer itself. , to increase the exchange of electrical energy has experience.

  With the technological advancement of the raw material manufacturing industry, up to now, the transformer manufacturing industry, especially the small-scale transformers used in distribution networks, have begun to use transformers made of amorphous alloys as core materials.

  Generally speaking, the amorphous alloy refers to a metal material which is considered to be suitable and processed by a special ultra-rapid cooling process. Because of the limitation of the material production process, it is generally a strip.

  Amorphous alloys are considered suitable in the production process and use ultra-high-condensation condensation technology. In the microstructure of materials, in the process of solidification of liquid atoms from liquid (steel water) to solids, atoms can not be arranged into common crystals. The structure is cured. The disordered arrangement of the atomic structure is called an amorphous state, and the material thus produced is changed into an amorphous alloy. Amorphous alloy materials have been found to have very good magnetic permeability. Its demagnetization and magnetization process are extremely easy to complete, and the core loss of the steel material is greatly reduced, achieving an effective energy saving effect. Therefore, it is introduced into a product requiring a magnetic circuit such as a transformer as a very good magnetic conductive material. It is considered that a transformer made of an amorphous alloy is used to cause a transformer core, and is assembled into a transformer, which is called an amorphous alloy transformer or an amorphous alloy core transformer.