Power transformer nanocrystalline core with case

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                      high saturation magnetical induction;

               Low coercive force;

               High permeability;

               Low Loss;

              Good temperature stability (-55~130℃);

Magnetic Performance Comparison Between Nanocrystalline and Ferrite Cores:

Typical Specifications:

  SY—company code; O—toroidal; N—nanocrystalline; L—low Br

Note: other specifications can be also made in accordance with customer’s demands.


  Nanocrystalline materials have excellent comprehensive magnetic properties, especially applicable in high-power and high-frequency inverter power core. Nanocrystalline core is not only used in inverter welding machine power source, but also widely used in electrolytic plating equipment, new energy car charging pile, induction heating equipment, charging equipment, communication power supply, UPS power supply, X-ray source, laser power supply, frequency converter, etc.